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Q. How much will a disco cost me?

A. It all depends on how long you want the disco for, travelling time, the venue size, marquee?, the access, is there stairs?, what type of event you're having, and a few other factors. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Q. What music will you play?

A. I will play whatever type of music you want, I will try to accommodate all requests given, but will use my experience to play the right song at the right time to get people dancing. Often for weddings, I suggest a request list from the bride & groom. This becomes the musical backbone for the evening.

Q. Do I need to pay a deposit to secure the booking?

A. Yes, Normally a 50 deposit is needed to secure all bookings.

Q. Will I get back my deposit if I cancel the event?

A. This depends upon when it is cancelled, although this is at my discretion.

Q. When do I pay the balance of the money?

A. You can pay cash or cheque at the start of the event or before.

Q. When do you need to get in to set up the equipment?

A. I usually allow at least an hour to set up the disco, and an hour to dismantle afterwards. This very much depends upon access. I normally get to a venue an hour and a quater before the start time, although we do offer an early set up service which is useful if your wedding is in the same room as the evening entertainment. This would be at an extra cost.

Q. Are You Licenced?

A. Yes, I hold a DroDub licence issued jointly by MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society) & PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd) Check this out in the downloads section for a copy of the licence.

Q. Do you have PAT (Portable Appliance Test Certificate) and PLI (Public Liability Insurance)?

A. I have both PAT and PLI. Check this out in the downloads section.

Q. Do you have any electrical knowledge?

A. I am a qualified electronics engineer. I am also qualified with 17th Edition Electrical Regulations, in addition, experience in entertainment electrical systems & Voice Evacuation.

Q. Do you have any first aid experience?

A. I hold a current "Emergency Aid Appointed Person" Certificate. This means that I have had the training recommended for an Appointed Person for the purposes of Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. This must be renewed every three years.

Q. Are You CRB "Criminal Record Bureau" Checked?

A. Yes. I have an Enhanced Disclosure Certificate No 001533366475 Dated 14th June 2016 Through the scout Association. Available for inspection upon prior notice.

Q. How long have you been doing discos for?

A. I have been doing discos for 37 years, I have never used a"stand in DJ" all my shows I do myself.

Q. What sound equipment do you use?

A. I use a computerised music system, together with a backup system of over 10,000 songs stored on it, connected to a "BOSE" Professional PA system variable in size from 500 to 6000 Watts RMS to suite the venue.

Q. What Lighting and effects equipment do you use?

A. I use coloured lights for general mood lighting together with dicloric and discharge lighting. Ultra violet and strobe lighting for different types of music and different atmospheres. LED lighting is featuring much more in my shows. The advantages are flexibility, portability and a considerable power saving. Smoke & bubble machines are used if requested, together with a mirror ball. (Smoke & bubble machines may not be permitted in some venues)

Q. Will you play on past the set finish time?

A. Yes, this must be agreed with the venue management first. The cost of the extra time is currently 25 per 1/2 hour or part thereof, and must be paid before any extra entertainment.

Q. I have a question and it's not on this page!

A. CLICK E-mail Below to contact me and I'll answer it.

e-mail or give me a call:- 01392 465207

Pete Newman

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